Sunday, August 14, 2011

Classy Cake

I thought it might be difficult to create a wedding cake that looks elegant and not country, using SUNFLOWERS!
Knowing this beautiful bride as well as I do made it a bit easier to find the perfect combination.
She showed me pictures of designs she liked and here is the end result!
This is a 3 tier 6,9,12 there was also a GPS grooms cake and 3 half sheet cakes.
The monogram was picked up at Hobby Lobby and I added different size tiny pearls to add another elegant touch.
The flowers and leaves are all gumpaste.
Oh how I enjoy creating cakes for a family that is so dear to me!
Sometimes I think the love I put into creating a cake makes it taste that much better!!  It is the most important ingredient!
I think often of the term, 
you have to 'FEEL THE LOVE'


Saturday, August 13, 2011

GPS Groom's Cake

GPS Groom's Cake
 This cake was a surprise from the brides mom!  They were surprised and really loved it!  The couple has a special GPS story between them.  Garmen is replaced by Gebs, which is their last name
This was sculpted from a 9x12 cake.  I took one of the cut away sides
and added it to the bottom end to make it about an inch or so longer to give it correct shape.
This is a chocolate cake, with chocolate raspberry filling.
Covered with bright yellow fondant.  The black is Fondex!  OOHH  i love that stuff!
Of course the date and time of their wedding day was done with black food color pen. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Princess Cake!

Princess And The Frog

Princess Tiana, from Princess and the Frog
She is made entirely of gumpaste, with a dowel in the center to create a cake topper.

 Prince Naveen  is also made from gumpaste.  
He is sitting on the second cake, out if front of the upper cake, (because I made him a little to large to fit underneath)I have done this twice now!  You would think I would learn to plan my cakes better!
This cake was completed from beginning to end in 24 hours!
Cakes are white and chocolate and filled with chocolate buttercream, covered with  fondant. Her flower is gumpaste on her dress, but the vine on her dress is hand painted on!  I always push to see how many techniques I can do on one cake without over doing it!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hawaii / Rock Climbers Wedding Cake

Two cakes in one weekend!  So different from each other!!
This was a 6", 9" and 12"
Some sculpting done, adding and taking away to make it look like a mountain.
Bride & Groom, sea shells, flowers, and sign are all made of gumpaaste, 
This couple actual rocked climbed up to the top of a beautiful  "mountain" by the ocean in their wedding attire and sandals, to be married when they reached the top!
This cake was delivered to Golden Colorado....
My husband and I drove about 80 miles to deliver it.  In 96 degrees!
We have A/C in the car thank goodness!  The only problem was that our engine got so hot we began feeling VAPOR LOCK starting!  Steve drove amazingly!  Milking it and never stalled out!!
The only problem is that the cake was in the back seat and the A/C had to go off !!
We made it and everything went INCREDIBLY well!
I love this CRAZY hobby!!
I am so grateful that I have friends that let me practice my hobby and those even willing to pay me for what I love to do!!  How lucky is that!
Thanks to all of you who follow and enjoy my blog!  I hope you get ideas to add to your own creations!


   I did make my flowers out of Gumpaste but the rest was a yummy buttercream.
She wanted all kinds of flavors:
Top 6" vanilla cake w/lemon crunch filling
9" chocolate cake w/ ganache and Baverian Cream
12" Vanilla Cake w/ Raspberry whipped filling   
We also did 3 1/4 sheet cakes:
1) Chocolate cake w/ ganache and cherry filling
2) Vanilla w/ raspberry whipped filling
3) Vanilla w/ lemon crunch filling
All three sheet cakes were iced with a yummy whipped cream frosting.
We are in the middle of a major heat wave here in Colorado Springs, so I did have a bit of delivery issues!
All went well in the end!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baby Shower!

This CAKE was for a baby shower
that gave my daughter, my grand daughter and I 
time to visit with dear friends!
I always get a little more nervous when I am doing a cake for friends and family!

The heat really got me on this cake!
I had to work fast & furious!

In the end it came out just fine!

The beautiful, expectant mommy loves yellow cake and chocolate filling!!
I haven't made this combination in so long I now want to make it just for us to eat!
This cake was a 10" on the bottom and the top was a two layer 8" topped with a 6" and a 4", one layer each. "

 The fish are all made of gumpaste, 
the waves were a cut on a whim and hand painted to look kind "whimsical"
The bubbles were piped on with buttercream using 3 different size tips, #3, #5, #12.

Love ya, Chelsea!!
My daughter Becca once made her ADORABLE creation 
a "Bundle of Joy"
as a gift for Chels!
I have to show off her business!

Let us know when you are looking for a sweet baby gift, 
and a baby shower cake!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


This is similar to my last dinosaur cake except for this one is made for a boy, and the dinosaur is eating and tearing up the #8 that is now laying by his feet,
The water is painted piping gel.
the dinosaurs and lettering are all gumpaste.  I used to make rocks out of fondant, but I now see the reasoning to using candy rocks!

World Travel Wedding!!

Wow, what an amazing and fun project!
This cake was for sweet family friends.  
They have spent the last few years traveling all over the world!
Even though they traveled for work they were able to see 
so many incredible places!

I begin with the cake that was actually made as their wedding cake for the reception!
They had a BBQ with many many friends.
This cake is a "3 tier cake" made to look like 3 stacked suitcases.
Bottom tier (12 x 18) was chocolate cake with choc ganache, & raspberry filling.
Center cake (12 x 18) was vanilla cake with strawberry whipped cream filling.
Small top bag (9 x 12) was a vanilla cake with butter cream it was cut in half and layered.
This bag was designed to look like it was a quilted fabric.

 The Bride and Groom (AKA Jessie & Kevin)
I made them from gumpaste.
The only non edible item is her little flower in her hands.
I used a garlic press to make their hair.
Passports and postcards, patches, and luggage tag, I hand painted and loved doing!!
The "back pack" is a giant rice krispie treat I covered in fondant!

Along with this cake came what follows, 8"rounds decorated for each table center piece,
representing 9 of their favorite spots in the world!

They traveled the world!!

 The Sweetheart cake!
The globe was made by using 1/2 of a styrofoam ball and lapcing half a round cake on top!
Iced and covered with fondant!
My sweet husband knows that I am not great at geography so he was great to help with cutting out all the countries for me!
NO DAY BUT TODAY!  this was their theme.
This cake was at their sweet heart table and was cut by the couple on the wedding day!
 The tiny red hearts were placed at every spot this couple has been and a fondant airplane was put at the top with a banner reading just married!


This wonderful couple are quoted as saying they were "stuck" in Venice!
Due to the eruption of the volcano back when planes were grounded they got lucky enough to be stuck for a few extra days in Venice!!  DARN! 
 The the brick pattern is to represent the sidewalks they sat on while
enjoying watching the gondolas and having their favorite "meals" each day.
The wine bottle is hand painted gumpaste.  the lower part of the back of the bottle is cut out to look as if it is half in and half out of the cake.
Lots of time was pent playing cards, eating cheese and crackers and drinking wine, by the water!
All pieces are made of gumpaste and hand painted.
The couples two favorite things about Barcelona were the Sagrada Família 
and the Long and winding (My name for it:) bench.
Both were creations of Gaudi.
All I really new how to do on this one was try to represent the Sagrada Familia cathedral with the little cake topper that had "stained Glass"  or Fondant cut outs backed with fruit leather!  I really liked this look after trying many different ways to make stained glass.  The bench was represented by a round cake that I sculpted  bit to give a different look like rolling hills with tiles weaving back and forth to represent Gaudi's 'type' of art.  
Pretty simple but   "HEY, I am only one woman!!"

Sunday, June 19, 2011


This cake is very simple, but it says all it needs to say!
You look at it and you know it represents the Roman Colliseum
This is another one of 10 8" round cakes that became a centerpiece for a wedding dinner!
The colliseum and grapes are made of gumpaste.

Friday, June 3, 2011

London Cake!

 tea cup & saucer, 
lettering, bus, 
phone booth
Big Ben
(Clock Tower)
All created with gumpaste

Vanilla cake / lemon filling

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hong Kong Cake!

Hong Kong
Please know that I did not make this Buddha!
I found it online and it was exactly the size I needed.  I was very concerned that I never wanted to try to insult anyone by trying to create this important part of the cake, so needless to say I was thrilled to find this one!
This cake was made from a doll pan 
sitting on  an 8" round (one layer) 
The cake is iced with butter cream and sprayed green and brown.  The trees, again, are pretzel sticks and butter cream.
The steps are there to represent the 268 steps to the top.
I made those ahead using gum paste.
The funny part of this cake was that while in 
Hong Kong they went to Disneyland and it was Halloween!
They saw the characters from Nightmare Before Christmas!
So adding this part made me remember that I was doing every little piece of this wedding for the bride and groom and this is what they want!  Such an important thing to always remember as a cake decorator!

New Orleans!

New Orleans!
This was a fun city to do!
Basically a collage of things that represent 
their FAVORITE parts of the city!
Cake was covered with fondant 
and all pieces were made from gum paste.

Sydney Austrailia Cake!

My design of this cake was a bit cartoonish,  I did this in many of the cakes because they were not to be the correct proportions and I wanted to be sure to add as many items the bride mentioned to me as I could to each cake.

 All items were made with gum paste.  
The lower portions of the opera house are covered rice krispies.  The cake was covered with fondant and then I used a palette knife and butter cream to create waves.