Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So, this was my final traveling cake!
No more by plane, train, or automobile!!
This was a fun cake for a young man that graduated high school.

The family came to pick it up and drove for days with it in the car
(dry ice used to keep it cool) but the graduation party never really
saw the cake as it was meant to be!

I sure hope someone got to eat some of this cake!


So if you have the chance to thank someone
with more than a Thank you about a thank you CAKE?
That's what I got to do!
Sara was a great friend, teaching my kids for many weeks while I wasn't able!
This is a 6" chocolate cake fun little crazy cutouts taken from an actual thank you card!
Fondant covered, fondant decorations, and piped border and lettering

2010 Grad!
 of parts and pieces to this cake.
3 text books, chocoalte cake covered with buttercream, and fondant. there's a buttercream filled Seventeen Magazine made with the wonderful edible paper on fondant. Then as you can see there is a fondant curling iron, lipstick, and nail polish.
Stuff made with gumpaste??  Yep, there's a CD, all lettering, and flowers!
           Graduation!!  It's just another excuse to eat cake!!
Here they ate a Vanilla cake with a strawberry whipped cream filling...(That's right Adam, I said, strawberry whipped cream)  This cake is frosted with a vanilla buttercream!  Flowers, cap & lettering, are made with gumpaste.  That's all there is to todays cake!
This was lots of fun!
I am njoying learning some different techniques in cake art!
This is a thin sheet of gumpaste. I handpainted with black and orange food color.
Makes me feel I am a bit of an artist this way!  Hopefully there will be more similar to this in the future!
These cakes were for a young boys end of the season football party!
Way to go Brandon!