Friday, December 31, 2010

80th Birthday Cake, Oh The Places They've Been!!

This is a cake that covers all the places this family has lived!  This forst photo shows a IDAHO.  focusing on the families military time spent at Mountain Home.
Chocolate cake, fondant covered, jets and stars put on spring wires all made of gumpaste!

The Rocky Mountains begin there, they are made of rice krispie treats and covered with buttercream,

Wyoming and Colorado:  filled with everything from Aspen leaves, to college pennants, and elk and antelope to Bride and Groom!
choc, and strawberry cake.

Nebraska and Montana:  Nebraska was my favorite, this is where she was
born, they asked for sheep, tractor, sunflowers, corn. German chocolate cake.
Montana was filled with trees, maple leaves, college, and camping.

Scotland and Africa:  A small gumpaste house for the young couple, a tartan made with folded and hand painted fondant.   Africa shows a family story about a monkey trying to get into the back window of the family car!
All gumpaste items were hand made put into the cakes with toothpicks/wires, and I painted most of them with food color and paint brushes!
This was a fun cake.  took a lot of figuring due to the fact the man that asked me to do it explained what he wanted by sending me a 5 page letter in the mail!  CRAZY FUN!  I think I got it all in!          

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Funky Sweet Sixteen

Andi turned 16!
A party filled with games, that were all played with candy,
helped us decide that the cake also needed to be filled with candy!
So, what i came up with is a three tier (6, 8, 10)
the chocolate tiers had Snickers filling
and the vanilla tiers with pink candy buttercream!
The cake was embellished with
Fondant spirals, shoes (cuz every girls loves her shoes)
flowers, and lollipops,
as well as 'real' candy (Kisses, Jelly Bellys, and Gum Balls)
Oh yes, and a big fat 16 with a hot pink feather stuck right in the top!
Happy Birthday Andi!
Thanks for letting me create for you
and your "sweet" family once again!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I am thrilled to tell all of you who follow my blog
that I have just WON my 1st cake contest!! 
I took 1st place (not grand prize, but 1st place) in baby shower cakes @
This is the cake that won! 
 It was made for my daughter's baby shower!
Thanks for all the encouragement you all give to me! 

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So, this was my final traveling cake!
No more by plane, train, or automobile!!
This was a fun cake for a young man that graduated high school.

The family came to pick it up and drove for days with it in the car
(dry ice used to keep it cool) but the graduation party never really
saw the cake as it was meant to be!

I sure hope someone got to eat some of this cake!


So if you have the chance to thank someone
with more than a Thank you about a thank you CAKE?
That's what I got to do!
Sara was a great friend, teaching my kids for many weeks while I wasn't able!
This is a 6" chocolate cake fun little crazy cutouts taken from an actual thank you card!
Fondant covered, fondant decorations, and piped border and lettering

2010 Grad!
 of parts and pieces to this cake.
3 text books, chocoalte cake covered with buttercream, and fondant. there's a buttercream filled Seventeen Magazine made with the wonderful edible paper on fondant. Then as you can see there is a fondant curling iron, lipstick, and nail polish.
Stuff made with gumpaste??  Yep, there's a CD, all lettering, and flowers!
           Graduation!!  It's just another excuse to eat cake!!
Here they ate a Vanilla cake with a strawberry whipped cream filling...(That's right Adam, I said, strawberry whipped cream)  This cake is frosted with a vanilla buttercream!  Flowers, cap & lettering, are made with gumpaste.  That's all there is to todays cake!
This was lots of fun!
I am njoying learning some different techniques in cake art!
This is a thin sheet of gumpaste. I handpainted with black and orange food color.
Makes me feel I am a bit of an artist this way!  Hopefully there will be more similar to this in the future!
These cakes were for a young boys end of the season football party!
Way to go Brandon!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Scroll down for a billion cakes! Just had to share a Grandma post!

a few photos of Leilah!!

I am so in love with my grandbabies!!
I just had to take a small space on my blog and share it with our newest little Leilah!
She is such a sweet and happy baby!
She brings so much joy to my life!
Shawn and Becca are amazing parents!
What a great time it is!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Welcome Back Jeannie!!
Oh how everyone was glad to have her back to work!!
This cake is a 1/4 sheet, vanilla cake with raspberry filling, and whipped icing.
The ribbon and flowers & leaves are all gumpaste.
Once again I have used my airgun to add a bit of color to the icing before putting on borders and finishing touches!
Thanks once again La Quinta Inn & suites for eating up my hobby!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

bridal shower cake

Well, This one is kinda scary to put on my blog!!

So to those of you that really don't want to see it,

scroll down FAST!!

This cake was created with a one layer 16" chocolate cake

and two halves of the Wilton ball pan.

Enough said......


I do think her Grandmother loved it best!
love ya, Tam

High School Dance team

Go Doherty Girls!!

This is a sheet cake for a high school dance team's end of year party!

Chocolate cake and buttercream, with fondant.

The girl is cut out gumpaste. the lettering is all hand painted and the green is sprayed with my WONDERFUL air gun!

The pompoms and border are made with buttercream and piped with a tip.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baptism Day Cake

Well, this cake is a 2-tier, strawberry/white cake.

It is iced with buttercream, the filling was buttercream and crushed mothers animal cookies.
Then covered with white fondant.
pink borders and white decorations are buttercream. flowers and leaves are fondant.
NOW for the stupid part of this cake!
I made it and had it ready for the very special baptism of a very sweet little girl, for 10AM this morning Feb. 20th.
Got ready to go to the baptism and found that the baptism IS NEXT WEEK! Wow, what to do!!
My dear friend said I should title it
"the cake that had no party" Well, i took it to their home to enjoy for a week long celebration, instead of NO party, it was for a week long party!!
So, to all of you decorators....write the actual date and time on your calendar!!I have never done this before and WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!
For those of you wondering: The CTR emblem on the cake stands for Choose The Right, this is a shield the children use in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, Primary (Sunday School) helping them to learn to do the right thing always! I love it!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Little Leilah

Oh my, I have to share our families wonderful news right here!!!

Rebecca & Shawn have a beautiful baby girl!

She is little leilah

6lbs 4ozs and 20.5 inches long

So tiny and so so sweet!

mommy and Baby are doing so incredibly well!

One of the best things in the world is to see your daughter become a mother! A good one at that!!

I love to watch their sweet family! Congratulations kids! i love you!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The 20,000th hits came
Sunday, January 24th, 2010 @ 9:48pm

From Fort Lauderdale Florida!

This is, unfortunately all the info I have on this hit!! :(
SO, thank you so much for this very important view of my CRAZY BLOG!!
Who ever you are!
Shelley, the cake lady
HOW CRAZY!! 20,000 hits
Thanks everyone & PLEASE keep em comin'

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sitemeter update

Hello to all who follow my blog! As you know I have had some issues lately with my sitemeter.....
my dear daughter-in-law, Cassie( got it up and going for me! thank you Cassie!
I did lose some hits for about three days but am still very excited to get to my 20,000 hits! Right now I am at 19,739!
If you have come across my blog looking for a cake idea, I hope you will stop and make a comment and follow my blog so that we can learn from each other in the future!
*the lime green cake here is described in an older see it keep on scrollin'
Thanks for dropping by! come again :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is our Cake of the Month!
We are happy to share some ideas with you.
The main idea I, as the decorator, have to share with other decorators,
is to create a cake that is unique and personal to your client.
Learn about them. This cake was for a modern girl with a love for the traditional too. Get those creative juices flowing and do something new!
If you are feeling stress over a part of it, walk away and breathe, then come back when you have a clear head and all falls into place everytime!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

4 wheelin' anyone?

Wow! I get a little nervous/crazy when I do a cake that I know nothing about. This is one of those cakes! Good thing I don't ever charge for the research time I take,
no one could afford that! I am a very slow learner!
Once I got an idea of what a dune buggy is, and does, I was set to go!
The actual dune buggy is edible. The floor of the vehicle, and the box, in the back are rice krispie treats. The tires are plastic and some of the support pieces are wood dowels, but most of the rest was created out of fondant & gumpaste.
The buggy is sitting on the cake! The hills and the path are all sculpted out of cake and buttercream. the mud on the tires is made from royal icing that also helped to keep the buggy on the cake right where I wanted it to sit!
Happy 12th birthday Travis!
(You are growing up way to fast)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yes, It's a GIRL!
Rebecca and Shawn are due to have their first baby on February 9th!
Oh my goodness what excitement we are all feeling!
Saturday we had a baby shower for Becca! What fun it was.
Great friends and family all joined in visiting and games and food!
The theme was mommy and baby birds,
similar to her invitation created by Cassie(go to
to find the invitation ideas she designed!
The top tier of the cake is a gumpaste bird house put together with royal icing. It is hollow, sitting on a small plate.
the dowel going through the two lower tiers is PVC and is fondant painted to look like a tree trunk.
the next tier is an 8" cake covered with fondant and hand painted stripes to give it that modern feel that Becca wanted. The birdies and lettering was done with gumpaste.
The bottom tier is also fondant, with painted branches and gumpaste flowers,
This was a very different design for a baby shower, but it was a whimsical way to enjoy a party!
We Love You Becca!

3 tier because it needed to be.....

A friend asked me to make her a 3 tier cake for about 20 people... Like that is really possible! I tend to do nothing small!!
So it is a 12" an 8" and a 6".
The 6" is a Styrofoam square covered to add a better look. This way I could play and learn to make a fun bow from fondant to put on top!

The sad story is that I delivered this cake to her car and it never made it to the party fully intact. So sad, i never got to actually go help her when it was "broken" but I understand that she had two tiers at the party:( This is a first for me and it was quite sad. I work so hard for so long and in a minute this can happen! Oh well.... I just started on the ideas for the next one right away!

What else can one do?

LaQuinta Inn & Suites Cake

My husband works for La Quinta Inn & Suites.
We decided that for him to take a treat to the
work Holiday/Christmas Potluck would be fun.
so I came up with this...
Holly & berries were created out of fondant and hand painted to give them a traditional holiday feel.
The La Quinta logo was cut with a tiny little knife to get as sharp as possible. Whipped cream icing and borders with sprinkled red & green flakes. Simple but hopefully pleasing!

Alex....Is a beautiful young lady !!
Many have asked me if this cake was made for a boy, so I want you to know that she just loves BLUE!!
They asked for a giant cupcake! Well I have the 'cupcake pan', but really think that is considered a 'big cupcake' so I needed to figure out how i would create a GIANT cupcake...
So for all of you"CAKIES" that care, I made the lower section with a 10" and 2 9" layers.
The upper section is a 9", 8", & 4". The Lower cake is covered in fondant, and the upper is swirled with buttercream. The flowers, and name tag are all gumpaste.

Okay so I don't ever, never have, watched FAMILY GUY!

"Hey Shelley, I need a cake with
Peter on it from FAMILY GUY!"

I told her I would do that and home I went to research what this guy looks like. When I saw him I realized I have seen him before:)This cake is white w/ raspberry filling! YUMMMMY!! Whipped cream icing and all decorations are done with fondant/gumpaste.