Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hong Kong Cake!

Hong Kong
Please know that I did not make this Buddha!
I found it online and it was exactly the size I needed.  I was very concerned that I never wanted to try to insult anyone by trying to create this important part of the cake, so needless to say I was thrilled to find this one!
This cake was made from a doll pan 
sitting on  an 8" round (one layer) 
The cake is iced with butter cream and sprayed green and brown.  The trees, again, are pretzel sticks and butter cream.
The steps are there to represent the 268 steps to the top.
I made those ahead using gum paste.
The funny part of this cake was that while in 
Hong Kong they went to Disneyland and it was Halloween!
They saw the characters from Nightmare Before Christmas!
So adding this part made me remember that I was doing every little piece of this wedding for the bride and groom and this is what they want!  Such an important thing to always remember as a cake decorator!


Cathy Leavitt said...

My goodness, Shelley, you are a world traveler! Great work. I especially like the water...very cool.

Cassandra Laine said...

Smart lady. Looks awesome! Clever pretzel trunks too! Sheesh do you feel like you've traveled around the world??