Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baby Shower!

This CAKE was for a baby shower
that gave my daughter, my grand daughter and I 
time to visit with dear friends!
I always get a little more nervous when I am doing a cake for friends and family!

The heat really got me on this cake!
I had to work fast & furious!

In the end it came out just fine!

The beautiful, expectant mommy loves yellow cake and chocolate filling!!
I haven't made this combination in so long I now want to make it just for us to eat!
This cake was a 10" on the bottom and the top was a two layer 8" topped with a 6" and a 4", one layer each. "

 The fish are all made of gumpaste, 
the waves were a cut on a whim and hand painted to look kind "whimsical"
The bubbles were piped on with buttercream using 3 different size tips, #3, #5, #12.

Love ya, Chelsea!!
My daughter Becca once made her ADORABLE creation 
a "Bundle of Joy"
as a gift for Chels!
I have to show off her business!

Let us know when you are looking for a sweet baby gift, 
and a baby shower cake!!

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