Sunday, January 24, 2010

The 20,000th hits came
Sunday, January 24th, 2010 @ 9:48pm

From Fort Lauderdale Florida!

This is, unfortunately all the info I have on this hit!! :(
SO, thank you so much for this very important view of my CRAZY BLOG!!
Who ever you are!
Shelley, the cake lady
HOW CRAZY!! 20,000 hits
Thanks everyone & PLEASE keep em comin'

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sitemeter update

Hello to all who follow my blog! As you know I have had some issues lately with my sitemeter.....
my dear daughter-in-law, Cassie( got it up and going for me! thank you Cassie!
I did lose some hits for about three days but am still very excited to get to my 20,000 hits! Right now I am at 19,739!
If you have come across my blog looking for a cake idea, I hope you will stop and make a comment and follow my blog so that we can learn from each other in the future!
*the lime green cake here is described in an older see it keep on scrollin'
Thanks for dropping by! come again :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is our Cake of the Month!
We are happy to share some ideas with you.
The main idea I, as the decorator, have to share with other decorators,
is to create a cake that is unique and personal to your client.
Learn about them. This cake was for a modern girl with a love for the traditional too. Get those creative juices flowing and do something new!
If you are feeling stress over a part of it, walk away and breathe, then come back when you have a clear head and all falls into place everytime!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

4 wheelin' anyone?

Wow! I get a little nervous/crazy when I do a cake that I know nothing about. This is one of those cakes! Good thing I don't ever charge for the research time I take,
no one could afford that! I am a very slow learner!
Once I got an idea of what a dune buggy is, and does, I was set to go!
The actual dune buggy is edible. The floor of the vehicle, and the box, in the back are rice krispie treats. The tires are plastic and some of the support pieces are wood dowels, but most of the rest was created out of fondant & gumpaste.
The buggy is sitting on the cake! The hills and the path are all sculpted out of cake and buttercream. the mud on the tires is made from royal icing that also helped to keep the buggy on the cake right where I wanted it to sit!
Happy 12th birthday Travis!
(You are growing up way to fast)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yes, It's a GIRL!
Rebecca and Shawn are due to have their first baby on February 9th!
Oh my goodness what excitement we are all feeling!
Saturday we had a baby shower for Becca! What fun it was.
Great friends and family all joined in visiting and games and food!
The theme was mommy and baby birds,
similar to her invitation created by Cassie(go to
to find the invitation ideas she designed!
The top tier of the cake is a gumpaste bird house put together with royal icing. It is hollow, sitting on a small plate.
the dowel going through the two lower tiers is PVC and is fondant painted to look like a tree trunk.
the next tier is an 8" cake covered with fondant and hand painted stripes to give it that modern feel that Becca wanted. The birdies and lettering was done with gumpaste.
The bottom tier is also fondant, with painted branches and gumpaste flowers,
This was a very different design for a baby shower, but it was a whimsical way to enjoy a party!
We Love You Becca!

3 tier because it needed to be.....

A friend asked me to make her a 3 tier cake for about 20 people... Like that is really possible! I tend to do nothing small!!
So it is a 12" an 8" and a 6".
The 6" is a Styrofoam square covered to add a better look. This way I could play and learn to make a fun bow from fondant to put on top!

The sad story is that I delivered this cake to her car and it never made it to the party fully intact. So sad, i never got to actually go help her when it was "broken" but I understand that she had two tiers at the party:( This is a first for me and it was quite sad. I work so hard for so long and in a minute this can happen! Oh well.... I just started on the ideas for the next one right away!

What else can one do?

LaQuinta Inn & Suites Cake

My husband works for La Quinta Inn & Suites.
We decided that for him to take a treat to the
work Holiday/Christmas Potluck would be fun.
so I came up with this...
Holly & berries were created out of fondant and hand painted to give them a traditional holiday feel.
The La Quinta logo was cut with a tiny little knife to get as sharp as possible. Whipped cream icing and borders with sprinkled red & green flakes. Simple but hopefully pleasing!

Alex....Is a beautiful young lady !!
Many have asked me if this cake was made for a boy, so I want you to know that she just loves BLUE!!
They asked for a giant cupcake! Well I have the 'cupcake pan', but really think that is considered a 'big cupcake' so I needed to figure out how i would create a GIANT cupcake...
So for all of you"CAKIES" that care, I made the lower section with a 10" and 2 9" layers.
The upper section is a 9", 8", & 4". The Lower cake is covered in fondant, and the upper is swirled with buttercream. The flowers, and name tag are all gumpaste.

Okay so I don't ever, never have, watched FAMILY GUY!

"Hey Shelley, I need a cake with
Peter on it from FAMILY GUY!"

I told her I would do that and home I went to research what this guy looks like. When I saw him I realized I have seen him before:)This cake is white w/ raspberry filling! YUMMMMY!! Whipped cream icing and all decorations are done with fondant/gumpaste.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

turkey day cake!

If you celebrate your BIRTHDAY on THANKSGIVING DAY, why not eat turkey!!!
I must say right at the beginning I found this cake (one very similar) on Flicker
Much of this was my own, in that I used the disney princess pan to bake my cake! I also made my feathers from gumpaste and the one that I found and got most ideas from used paper leaves! She did such a great job and I would love to give her the credit she deserves for this one!

I enjoyed, once again playing with my airgun and spraying to get the shades of color!
It is a blessing to be able to create cakes that make people smile! I love to smile, & to laugh! SO good for the soul!
This cake gives me a chance to say how thankful I am for all my blessings! Family, husband, children and grandchildren! Friends, employment, and one big blessing in my life is that I get to spend time creating cakes!!!
(One day I hope to have a bakery of my own!)
With this 'turkey' I sent a 1/4 sheet cake to make sure they had enough servings!
This cake is iced with whipped cream icing. I laid my leaf cutters on it and sprayed it with fall colors, then lifted the cutters off!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Boy's Camo Birthday Cake

Boy Oh Boy!!!
Sam has now asked for camo cakes for two years in a row!
I love it! Thanks Kate once again!
This camo cake is a 10" chocolate cake with a Three Musketeer bar filling!
Fondant covered cake.
Camo is so much fun, I get to use my airgun and just go crazy!
The cap is made of gumpaste. Look closely to find the stitching around the cap.
When Sam lifts the cap off the top he finds the surprise of a cap filled with his favorite candy!
The border: fondant made to look like rocks with grass peeking through!