Friday, December 31, 2010

80th Birthday Cake, Oh The Places They've Been!!

This is a cake that covers all the places this family has lived!  This forst photo shows a IDAHO.  focusing on the families military time spent at Mountain Home.
Chocolate cake, fondant covered, jets and stars put on spring wires all made of gumpaste!

The Rocky Mountains begin there, they are made of rice krispie treats and covered with buttercream,

Wyoming and Colorado:  filled with everything from Aspen leaves, to college pennants, and elk and antelope to Bride and Groom!
choc, and strawberry cake.

Nebraska and Montana:  Nebraska was my favorite, this is where she was
born, they asked for sheep, tractor, sunflowers, corn. German chocolate cake.
Montana was filled with trees, maple leaves, college, and camping.

Scotland and Africa:  A small gumpaste house for the young couple, a tartan made with folded and hand painted fondant.   Africa shows a family story about a monkey trying to get into the back window of the family car!
All gumpaste items were hand made put into the cakes with toothpicks/wires, and I painted most of them with food color and paint brushes!
This was a fun cake.  took a lot of figuring due to the fact the man that asked me to do it explained what he wanted by sending me a 5 page letter in the mail!  CRAZY FUN!  I think I got it all in!          

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Funky Sweet Sixteen

Andi turned 16!
A party filled with games, that were all played with candy,
helped us decide that the cake also needed to be filled with candy!
So, what i came up with is a three tier (6, 8, 10)
the chocolate tiers had Snickers filling
and the vanilla tiers with pink candy buttercream!
The cake was embellished with
Fondant spirals, shoes (cuz every girls loves her shoes)
flowers, and lollipops,
as well as 'real' candy (Kisses, Jelly Bellys, and Gum Balls)
Oh yes, and a big fat 16 with a hot pink feather stuck right in the top!
Happy Birthday Andi!
Thanks for letting me create for you
and your "sweet" family once again!