Sunday, June 19, 2011


This cake is very simple, but it says all it needs to say!
You look at it and you know it represents the Roman Colliseum
This is another one of 10 8" round cakes that became a centerpiece for a wedding dinner!
The colliseum and grapes are made of gumpaste.

Friday, June 3, 2011

London Cake!

 tea cup & saucer, 
lettering, bus, 
phone booth
Big Ben
(Clock Tower)
All created with gumpaste

Vanilla cake / lemon filling

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hong Kong Cake!

Hong Kong
Please know that I did not make this Buddha!
I found it online and it was exactly the size I needed.  I was very concerned that I never wanted to try to insult anyone by trying to create this important part of the cake, so needless to say I was thrilled to find this one!
This cake was made from a doll pan 
sitting on  an 8" round (one layer) 
The cake is iced with butter cream and sprayed green and brown.  The trees, again, are pretzel sticks and butter cream.
The steps are there to represent the 268 steps to the top.
I made those ahead using gum paste.
The funny part of this cake was that while in 
Hong Kong they went to Disneyland and it was Halloween!
They saw the characters from Nightmare Before Christmas!
So adding this part made me remember that I was doing every little piece of this wedding for the bride and groom and this is what they want!  Such an important thing to always remember as a cake decorator!

New Orleans!

New Orleans!
This was a fun city to do!
Basically a collage of things that represent 
their FAVORITE parts of the city!
Cake was covered with fondant 
and all pieces were made from gum paste.

Sydney Austrailia Cake!

My design of this cake was a bit cartoonish,  I did this in many of the cakes because they were not to be the correct proportions and I wanted to be sure to add as many items the bride mentioned to me as I could to each cake.

 All items were made with gum paste.  
The lower portions of the opera house are covered rice krispies.  The cake was covered with fondant and then I used a palette knife and butter cream to create waves. 

Vancouver Cake

Stanley Park,
Vancouver Canada!

 Totem Poles 
and a bike ride through the park

I created the totem poles, bike, maple leaves, and welcome sign with gumpaste .  Hand painted and sculpted the totem poles and sprayed using airbrush onto the fondant. The trees in the back were butter cream icing on pretzel rods.  

The dry grass in the fore ground is
Shredded Wheat cereal.  

Have you been to Singapore?

Well I feel like I have been there!!
While Kevin & Jessie were there they had a woman make them their own family stamp, so I replicated it out of gumpaste and hand painted it as she made it for them.
Lion you see on top of this cake is the MERLION fountain, that is found in the center of Singapore.
My merlion is made of sculpted rice krispie treats and covered with fondant.
The "water" is poured sugar that was very difficult to make look like water, I hope in the end I got it!