Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lucy is our office manager during the week.....

.....and a Harley Rider on the weekends!

(ok, so she doesn't ride anymore, but she still loves a pretty bike)

Another fun new decorating design for me!
Cake: Red Velvet
Icing: Whipped Cream and "Chocolate Strings"
The pieces were made with Color Flow
and set on top of sugar cubes to show dimension

This one, once again, was created for a sweet friend at the office!
she is a Beautiful girl who is a country girl deep down!
Her cake was made as a white cake, with raspberry filling, and again whipped cream icing!
The Whipped cream icing is beginning to be what EVERYONE wants!
The flowers were made with butter cream icing and aloud to harden for a few days. the rope and the hats are gum paste.
I must say that I am going to miss Amy, she is leaving our office, and moving to Denver!

Kamee's Birthday Cake
This girl quotes lines from movies ALL THE TIME!
What better than a movie cake! The girl, the bubble and the film strips are made of gum paste and sprayed or painted with color. the cake is white cake and whipped cream icing.
Thanks to all the girls at work that let me learn new techniques on them!
The girl was made in layers, similar to paper dolls. That was a lot of fun to try! I will definitely do this type of thing again!

This is a three tier Wedding cake. Thanks Larissa for sending the photo to add to here!
Very simple look, but pretty difficult for me!
This is rolled butter cream. Softer and shinier than fondant, also tases a whole lot better!
The pearls around the cake are plastic. I had lights under the clear cake plate and she used lavendar rose petels and small white daisies, so sweet! (Literally!! HeHe!)
I also made sheet cakes, iced with whipped cream, with each piece having a lavendar rosebud yummy, for them to cut and set out throughout the evening and prior to
"The Cutting of The Cake"
Thank you McHardy Family for giving me the honor of making your daughter's wedding cake!
These cakes were fun to do! It is always funnest for me when I am baking for dear friends and family! This young lady got married back east, but had an open house in Colorado Springs. It was December so I decided I would, once again, try something I hadn't ever done.
I made these snowflakes about a week before sprinkled them with edible glitter and let them harden! The cakes were done with Whipped cream icing sprayed blue.
Love you guys Rhenda! Thanks for trusting me with your daughter's day!