Saturday, August 18, 2007

Elmo Birthday Cakes!!!

Grandma and grandpa ordered this cake for their little Becca!

This is a two layer 10" white cake with strawberry filling! A 6" round chocolate placed on top for the birthday girl!
The BIG ELMO was created with rice crispy treats, then covered with fondant. The smaller Elmos, 2's and hearts are all color flow. Made way in advance...many broke prior to assembling! note to self....always make more than needed!
Happy Birthday little Becca, thanks Martha for the order!


This one is similar, but has ELMO breaking through the top of the six inch! I just scooped out cake and layed silver sprayed fondant pieces in a circle setting Elmo in the center.

Weight Lifter's cake

This was a fun creation!

Three layers of yummy cake iced with butter cream and covered with black fondant.
Note to fondant made very dark black.....TURNS PURPLE!!
Needless to say, I removed the fondant and started over!