Monday, November 9, 2009

My Dad Turns 75!

This was an interesting attempt!
See if you can follow this crazy story!
I am in Colorado, my dad lives in TEXAS!

I had this thought that it would be fun to try to
MAIL A CAKE! (Stop laughing all you cake decorators!!)
So I created a 6" cake, covered it with fondant. All decorations were made with fondant. I found the perfect size tin and slid the VERY COLD cake in the tin and put the tin in a box filled with packing peanuts.

The interesting part of this story is, (if you are still reading) that my dad's wife, Penny, called and asked me to come to Texas, and surprise him....
I went and getting off the plane we went to the post office to pick up the cake I mailed!! How crazy is that??
IT MADE IT! We had one small part of the cake where the fondant stuck to the tin :(

...but it was fun! We ate it and we had a great time together which was the best part of the entire story! I have never been to his home in Texas and man is it hot and dry!

Friday, October 30, 2009

He's Trapped In The 80's

So what better than to make a cake that represents that,
by creating Roy's very favorite pair of shoes!
and of course I needed to create the Vans shoe box,
so that they had enough cake! Lots of cutting and hand painting on this one.
Thanks again Kristi!

Two Birthdays...One Cake


Side one is for a little girl that loves Hannah Montana,( if you follow her cord it goes around the cake to...)

Side two is for her Grandpa, he is an electrician, so he has the plug to H.M's microphone! He needs his ladder to get to the top of the cake to plug it in to the outlet!!
Chocolate cake and buttercream, with fondant. Most all the parts & pieces are made with gumpaste or fondant. The lights on top are floral wire and LED lights that are stuck into fondant "light fixtures"

Who Loves Camping

Camping is one of Kristi's favorite things to do as a family!
So what better to do for her.... A CAMP OUT!
So this cake is created out of MANY things!
Teddy Grahams peeking into the campsite from all sides... Big Evergreens are fat pretzel sticks upside down ice cream cones covered in buttercream, tiny pretzel sticks and candles make up the fire pit, the rocks are all Raisinets candy. Turn out the lights and light the fire pit! FUN!
I made a gumpaste tent and fondant members of her family (which I understand Jaron ate all of!) in their sleeping bags!
You must know that Kristi's last name is Wood!
So how could I not title this cake... "The Woods"??
Chocolate cake with Snickers filling

Princess Aurora Cake


This cake was for the sweetest little girl, who just like her mommy, loves Sleeping Beauty!
I created this topper as I did Tinkerbell and others. Made of gumpaste, and sprayed with food color, all they wanted was lots of pink and purple, and of course Aurora on top!
This was just for a few people so it is a 4" top cake and an 8" second tier.
Lots of gumpaste hearts and fondant roses. Buttercream and fondant covered. The small pink "stars" on the top cake are painted on with a tiny brush and food color.
Also if you look close you see the little pink toole to frilly it up a bit! Not that it needed that :)

Friends are AWESOME!

My friends are so AWESOME! They call up and say..."I want a cake these colors, and this flavor.....create something"!! Then I get to "create"
I love the art of cake decorating! The problem is I can't create unless my home is in order! I must not have a thousand things on my mind! This is difficult!
Once I sit down the ideas start pouring out and I am grateful they give me free reign so very often!
This cake is for a friend at church who was surprising her daughter!
This is my first attempt at Tiger Lillies, so don't you dare look to close!
Thanks Deb!
6" & 8" ~~ Carrot cake w/ Fondant

Sunday, September 13, 2009

2 orders same day!

These 2 orders were for a friend that had 2 birthdays in her office!
She was so kind to make the cakes so personal to each lady!
Hope they enjoyed them!
a 10" and a tiny 4 inch topper!
Buttercream iced chocolate cake.

Wedding Cupcakes

Happy Wedding!!



Darla's Wedding Cupcakes!
Pink and Green so so sweet!
150 cupcakes & a 6" topper,
Literally, so so sweet!!

It's A Girl!!! Cookie Platter

You know it seems that the office I work in can always find an excuse to eat!
One of the doctor's wives had a baby
I thought this might be a fun change! Sugar cookies with Buttercream icing and some decorated with sprinkles
This recipe is thanks to a lady I don't even know, her name is Ruth Buck.
I have this tiny recipe card that is in my moms handwriting, for some reason I have never transferred it to any other card, whenever I make these cookies I have to get out that card and use it! "TRADITION!"
This lady was a friend of my mom back when I was a baby!
Not telling you how long ago that would be!!
We have used it ever since!
**Side note**
My daughter and her husband have just found out that they are also having a girl!!
2 little granddaughters!
I am so blessed!

Sending Jason off to Japan!

Oh My Ganache!

Jason's Favorite!
Chocolate cake
Strawberries & whipped cream filling
and chocolate Ganache!
This is a 10" square cake decorated with buttercream"buttons"
Topped with Strawberries dipped in ganache!
This will always be Jason's cake, so if you are wanting it you must say,
"Shelley, I would like to order a Jason's Cake"

Friday, August 7, 2009

Princess Birthday Cake



Every little girl loves to be a Princess!
This cake was for a 6 year old Princess named ALYCE
Made with fondant and buttercream. The filling is buttercream with a surprise inside! I sprinkled pink and red, heart shaped, confetti sprinkles on the buttercream!
The crown is plastic, The flowers are royal icing,and the little name card is made from gumpaste.

Hannah Montana Birthday!!

a 6" and an 8"
Pink & Purple chocolate birthday cake!!
Funny story about this one..... it traveled to Arizona in a car surrounded with dry ice!
The borders are black & white ribbon w/ hot pink and blue skinny ribbons tied in bows on each side of the cake.

(I hope it makes it to Arizona)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Baby Shower Cake

Zoo Animals!
3tier cake with buttercream and gumpaste animals.
The best part of thiscake to me is the RIBBON! It adds so much fun to a cake!
Yes, it is easy but I love it!

Dora, Boots, & Swiper! Birthday Cake


2-tier chocolate birthday cake, with buttercream, and covered in fondant! This cake is COVERED in fondant and gumpaste characters and "stuff" Dora and her friend Boots and the palm tree are made of fondant.

I owe many THANKS for this cake and the Thomas cake above, to many bloggers that have given me lots of fun ideas! I take lots of different cakes or coloring pages and combine them to CREATE lots of cakes

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday cake

Thomas The Tank Engine!

and started this cake by following it....
Then I just went my own way with my own ideas as usual!
The tutorial was very easy to follow,
I just like fondant better it has a very sharp look to me.
I used a 12x18 sheet cake and one layer of an 8" round.
This was crumb iced and refrigerated for a couple hours.
I used fondant to cover the entire cake. The top pieces, the bell and whistle,
are made with rice Krispie treats and covered with fondant. Thomas' face is made with fondant. The wheels are cookies covered with fondant. The little signs are gum paste. I changed the #1 on the side of the engine to a #4 because the little boy was turning 4.
The board is covered with butter cream. Green, for the grass and then the tracks are brown sugar. I placed two little LED lights in the front of the train!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DHS Spartan/ Poms Cake

This is a 12x18 sheet cake
(white cake with raspberry filling)
Covered with white fondant
and painted to look like a gym floor.
The Spartan and the POMS girls pennants are gumpaste.
The Spartan is made in separate pieces and put together like a puzzle.
I hope the girls had a great week at camp!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Baseball Wedding Cake

Baseball Wedding??
(YES, and an amazing one at that!!)
What a beautiful wedding she had! They were married on home plate at the, minor league, Colorado Springs Sky Sox Stadium! This photo was taken in the club house where they had their very classy reception! I feel so lucky to get to peek in on wonderful ideas and settings for weddings!
This cake was created by using baseball bats cut to become pillars between the tiers. Cake sizes: 6, 10, and 14. White and Chocolate cake with buttercream and white fondant.
The fondant was designed to look like baseballs. I used edible markers and
"stitched the lines " a three tier baseball cake!
The flowers are gumpaste calla lillies dressed up with silk tiny flowers. I loved making these flowers! I used color dust to shine and give some realness to each flower.
Thanks Crystal for letting me be part of your day! What fun!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dancer's cupcakes!

An organized mess! That's what I call this!
This was a fun order, 50 cupcakes for an open house, given for the
retiring director of the Dance Center, Laura Davis.
Gum paste ballets slippers and top hats....
then being my crazy self decided to add tootoos, and bow ties just to dress it up!