Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dr. Seuss cake!

 Happy Birthday Jack
(and Dr. Seuss)
You will see a bunch of different shots of this one, just because I want to remember what the heck I did!
This is the end result, with a little boy that is so into what he calls "Dr. Seuss World"

This little guy new exactly what he wanted when it came to his birthday cake!
The sprinkles he wanted are in the filling of the 9" and the mint he wanted is in the filling in the 6"!
Chocolate cake with butter cream and fondant.

Charactors are all gumpaste cut by hand with an exacto knife and I draw/paint each piece with a fine paint brush and food color
I believe we covered 7 Dr Seuss stories in our cake for Jack!
Cat in the Hat
One Fish Two Fish Red fish Blue Fish
The Lorax
The Grinch
Thing One & thing Two
Green Eggs and Ham
Horton Hears a Who