Sunday, October 14, 2012

Summer Wedding!

Beautiful summer day! This Bride knew exactly what she wanted!  Every detail so in place!
This was a 6" cake for the couple, and many many (not all out on the table) vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.  Each cupcake has buttercream icing and tiny candy sprinkles!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Roses Roses Everywhere!

 Stop & Smell the Roses!  Then Eat Them!!
 8x12 sheet cake,  iced w/ buttercream.
With gumpaste roses Please remember that you must plan far ahead!!
 Started with 3 shades of purple gumpaste 
and then when flowers were completed 
I dusted and steamed,  some I sprayed pearl on them

 More Roses!  Wedding cake!

 Here you can see some gumpaste, min,i Burgandy, Calla Lillies
as well as the tiny white flowers and the roses!
 So much fun to create these roses!

 The StarShip Enterprise!
Groom's Cake
(just had  to show the incredible structure my husband made!)
 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints young women celebration!
New Beginnings involves 8 values.
A small 6" cake for each value then a kinda crazy circus cake for all to enjoy!

 The topper is the young women;s logo.  reminding the girls to 
Stand for truth and righteousness
Made from gumpaste, in advance. 3 sticks 'glued' on the back to stick down into the cake!  Something this large takes a long time to be completely dry and hard, because it is heavy! 

Tiffany Blue Bridal Shower

 Tiffany Blue and Chocolate always look so amazing to me!
 6" square Duff pan used! Pearls & bow made in advance with gumpaste.
I actually used thread and strung the "pearls"
To make it complete I always feel that cupcakes are about how they are set out for your guests to see.
This time I threaded the borders of my cupcake stand with that pretty blue sheer ribbon, then hung crystals at different spots.  Little touches may take a long time to do, but are always a perfect accent!

lady bugs!!

Lady Bug Cake
I do believe this is one of my favorite little girl cakes!
6" & 9"
Buttercream and Fondant.
I love the colors of this cake.
I love the shades of green and pink!  

Brings a very soft look, I feel I do many bright cakes and am ready to really play more with different shades of colors!  OH yes, and the ladybug antenna are made with dry spaghetti sticks!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dr. Seuss cake!

 Happy Birthday Jack
(and Dr. Seuss)
You will see a bunch of different shots of this one, just because I want to remember what the heck I did!
This is the end result, with a little boy that is so into what he calls "Dr. Seuss World"

This little guy new exactly what he wanted when it came to his birthday cake!
The sprinkles he wanted are in the filling of the 9" and the mint he wanted is in the filling in the 6"!
Chocolate cake with butter cream and fondant.

Charactors are all gumpaste cut by hand with an exacto knife and I draw/paint each piece with a fine paint brush and food color
I believe we covered 7 Dr Seuss stories in our cake for Jack!
Cat in the Hat
One Fish Two Fish Red fish Blue Fish
The Lorax
The Grinch
Thing One & thing Two
Green Eggs and Ham
Horton Hears a Who

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I am thrilled to say that my Colorado Cowboy cake has placed in the top ten at 
Will know in a week how it all ends up! I am not expecting to win, but an thrilled to place with some AMAZING decorators!  
Thanks to my decorating friend Cathy for calling me and telling me about the contest!!

Another Baby Shower!

 Baby shower cake
 A 6" & 10" vaniila cake with whipped strawberry filling.  Buttercream iced and covered with the amazing Satin Ice fondant!  I love this stuff!  It is defiantly like satin! 3 smaller butterflies and the lettering were done with my Cake Cricket

 Cupcakes were RED VELVET!  Yummy!!  I did fill the cupcakes with cream cheese icing as well as topped them with it!  I do love these ,bit pricey, but adorable pink cups.  I think I will be using these more!
Tiny white dots added were made with fondant and cut from a #12 tip.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Colorado Cowboy!

This is a birthday cake.
The board is covered with fondant to look like a wood floor.
All items decorating this cake are edible! The entire cowboy hat is made from gumpaste, shading with the airgun is what really made this hat look real.
Small copper sprayed buttons around the band were added after the hat dried. The belt and the rope are fondant and the buckle is gumpaste. I tried to get the 6" to look like denim and the 10" to seem like leather. I used clipart to cutout the cowboy boots that decorated the lower cake! This was a fun cake and was enjoyed by the Colorado Cowboy himself! (White cake with whiped strawberry filling)

She is 2!

My Sweet Grand daughter turns 2!!
She is a little artist so her mommy thought a cake with paintbrushes
(i know they look a bit like candles)
and cupcakes on a painter's pallet represent that!
Oh how I love being Nana!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fun in Florida!
My tiny little grand daughter and I made flowers to go on a store bought ice cream cake for new born little Jane as we celebrated her special blessing day!

What a Winter Wonderland Wedding!!
 6, 9,12 and an 12x18 sheet cake gumpaste cut snowflakes in different sizes and shades of blue and silver. The topper was created with clear Christmas tree ornaments, by the bride's mom!  Beautiful touch!
Then of course they needed a grooms cake!

Winter Wedding Groom's Cake

Nintendo Grooms Cake!
This was so much fun, it is a 2 layer 9" square carrot cake with cream cheese filling.  Covered with Fondant to look like the 
Mario depicts the feels of the groom!
Controllers are made from crispy rice cereal, and fondant!
Now the cords... they were going to be piped, but I didn't want black buttercream on a white cloth, then the thought was black rope licorice, so sad I couldn't find it anywhere! 
so the only things NOT edible in this cake 
are the black SHOE LACES!