Sunday, July 3, 2011

World Travel Wedding!!

Wow, what an amazing and fun project!
This cake was for sweet family friends.  
They have spent the last few years traveling all over the world!
Even though they traveled for work they were able to see 
so many incredible places!

I begin with the cake that was actually made as their wedding cake for the reception!
They had a BBQ with many many friends.
This cake is a "3 tier cake" made to look like 3 stacked suitcases.
Bottom tier (12 x 18) was chocolate cake with choc ganache, & raspberry filling.
Center cake (12 x 18) was vanilla cake with strawberry whipped cream filling.
Small top bag (9 x 12) was a vanilla cake with butter cream it was cut in half and layered.
This bag was designed to look like it was a quilted fabric.

 The Bride and Groom (AKA Jessie & Kevin)
I made them from gumpaste.
The only non edible item is her little flower in her hands.
I used a garlic press to make their hair.
Passports and postcards, patches, and luggage tag, I hand painted and loved doing!!
The "back pack" is a giant rice krispie treat I covered in fondant!

Along with this cake came what follows, 8"rounds decorated for each table center piece,
representing 9 of their favorite spots in the world!

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Balloons Delivered said...

Oh yum this cake sounds scrummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe! I'm not sure I would do a good job on making it look like suitcases so maybe I will stick to a round one! ;)