About Me

 Hi There! 

Thanks for stopping by!  When my husband and I married (31 years ago) I worked in a wonderful little shop in Lompoc, California and began my interest in cake decorating. I baked wedding and birthday cakes for friends and family, it was so much fun! Life got busy with three wonderful children, and well cakes got put on the back burner....no, actually boxed up in storage! ...Until now!

I am learning the art of cake making all over again. I am loving new techniques and the latest ways to make a cake. This blog is a place for me to post photos of my now not-so-new hobby so friends, family, and crazy cake lover fans out there can take a peek at how I am doing!

I started this "Crazy Cake Hobby" of mine in March of 2007. Now I have over one hundred posts,  35,000+ hits, and 81 followers, I have lots and lots to be crazy about! 

Feel free to leave comments, become a follower, and let me know of any cake making questions that you might have!