Sunday, August 14, 2011

Classy Cake

I thought it might be difficult to create a wedding cake that looks elegant and not country, using SUNFLOWERS!
Knowing this beautiful bride as well as I do made it a bit easier to find the perfect combination.
She showed me pictures of designs she liked and here is the end result!
This is a 3 tier 6,9,12 there was also a GPS grooms cake and 3 half sheet cakes.
The monogram was picked up at Hobby Lobby and I added different size tiny pearls to add another elegant touch.
The flowers and leaves are all gumpaste.
Oh how I enjoy creating cakes for a family that is so dear to me!
Sometimes I think the love I put into creating a cake makes it taste that much better!!  It is the most important ingredient!
I think often of the term, 
you have to 'FEEL THE LOVE'


Saturday, August 13, 2011

GPS Groom's Cake

GPS Groom's Cake
 This cake was a surprise from the brides mom!  They were surprised and really loved it!  The couple has a special GPS story between them.  Garmen is replaced by Gebs, which is their last name
This was sculpted from a 9x12 cake.  I took one of the cut away sides
and added it to the bottom end to make it about an inch or so longer to give it correct shape.
This is a chocolate cake, with chocolate raspberry filling.
Covered with bright yellow fondant.  The black is Fondex!  OOHH  i love that stuff!
Of course the date and time of their wedding day was done with black food color pen.