Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Cake

Well, this cake didn't get too many photos. I am hoping to get a better one from others who took pictures.

This is a white sheet cake (1/2 sheet) with a 6" in the corner. The Shower was ALL ABOUT DUCKY'S!! So what do you do but a ducky cake! The cake is iced with a whipped cream icing loosely frosted to look like foamy bubbles. The water is my first attempt at playing with sugar! After the sugar was rolling and temp at 300 degrees, I poured it onto a sheet of marble and shaped it to resemble water in a tub full of bubbles! All the bubbles are icing as well. The Ducks are actually CHOCOLATE! Found them at Target! Great find!

The shower was a thought that just kept coming..... you know those thoughts?? It is a dowel and a carved Styrofoam ball for the shower head all covered with fondant. The water is very thin wire with clear piping gel stuck to the wire and left alone to harden. The big bubbles (yes, on sticks that you can see through the bubbles), and the letters 'It's A Boy', are gum paste!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Few Thoughts About the Cake!

Here are a couple cakes that were made just to be eaten!! Pretty doesn't always have to be fondant with decorations stuck in it!

Flavor is a VERY important part of EVERY cake.
Make it moist and Just Sweet enough!
Something that looks good to the eye, MUST taste better than it looks!!
So, we as cake decorators must always think on what happens
when the cake is cut and the first bites are taken!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fairy Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

It's a Tinkerbell Birthday
For Sweet little Mya!
(click on photos to see detail and flaws)I must say that this was REALLY fun!
The key to a cake like this is TAKE YOUR TIME and START EARLY!
This cake is CHOCOLATE, with Buttercream Frosting. One little surprise was that The filling was an M&M and Cookies & Cream candy bar!! YUMMY!
Gum paste items include: Tink, Stars, and flowers. I think what makes this one so fun is the swirls in the night sky! The cakes starts at the bottom in the daylight with the green grass, flowers growing and blue sky, turning to night, stars and TINKERBELL!
MYA is 4! Happy Birthday Mya!
(Thanks for letting me come to your party!)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Piano Cake with Extras!

Sculpted Piano Cake

This cake is chocolate with buttercream icing, but the best part is that it has a Snickers filling! YUMMY!!! The cake board and the bench cover and the little girl are all fondant.

Cupcake Wedding

I am going CUPCAKE CRAZY!!!
(If you are looking for cupcakes...there are lots more here continue to scroll down!)

CORAL and TEAL are VERYdifficult colors to create with icing!!I look at the cupcakes and one minute they look BRIGHT ORANGE! Next time I look, they look HOT PINK!! I think I finally got the color she wanted! 85 White cupcakes & a 6" white cake w/ buttercream icing!

Hidden in the cupcakes is a 4" cake w/raspberry filling for the Bride & Groom..... cut into!