Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hawaii / Rock Climbers Wedding Cake

Two cakes in one weekend!  So different from each other!!
This was a 6", 9" and 12"
Some sculpting done, adding and taking away to make it look like a mountain.
Bride & Groom, sea shells, flowers, and sign are all made of gumpaaste, 
This couple actual rocked climbed up to the top of a beautiful  "mountain" by the ocean in their wedding attire and sandals, to be married when they reached the top!
This cake was delivered to Golden Colorado....
My husband and I drove about 80 miles to deliver it.  In 96 degrees!
We have A/C in the car thank goodness!  The only problem was that our engine got so hot we began feeling VAPOR LOCK starting!  Steve drove amazingly!  Milking it and never stalled out!!
The only problem is that the cake was in the back seat and the A/C had to go off !!
We made it and everything went INCREDIBLY well!
I love this CRAZY hobby!!
I am so grateful that I have friends that let me practice my hobby and those even willing to pay me for what I love to do!!  How lucky is that!
Thanks to all of you who follow and enjoy my blog!  I hope you get ideas to add to your own creations!

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Wendy said...

This cake is amazing! You do beautiful work!