Monday, January 11, 2010

Boy's Camo Birthday Cake

Boy Oh Boy!!!
Sam has now asked for camo cakes for two years in a row!
I love it! Thanks Kate once again!
This camo cake is a 10" chocolate cake with a Three Musketeer bar filling!
Fondant covered cake.
Camo is so much fun, I get to use my airgun and just go crazy!
The cap is made of gumpaste. Look closely to find the stitching around the cap.
When Sam lifts the cap off the top he finds the surprise of a cap filled with his favorite candy!
The border: fondant made to look like rocks with grass peeking through!

1 comment:

Cassandra Laine said...

WOW. A "Three Musketeer bar filling" no way! That's so cool!