Saturday, January 16, 2010

4 wheelin' anyone?

Wow! I get a little nervous/crazy when I do a cake that I know nothing about. This is one of those cakes! Good thing I don't ever charge for the research time I take,
no one could afford that! I am a very slow learner!
Once I got an idea of what a dune buggy is, and does, I was set to go!
The actual dune buggy is edible. The floor of the vehicle, and the box, in the back are rice krispie treats. The tires are plastic and some of the support pieces are wood dowels, but most of the rest was created out of fondant & gumpaste.
The buggy is sitting on the cake! The hills and the path are all sculpted out of cake and buttercream. the mud on the tires is made from royal icing that also helped to keep the buggy on the cake right where I wanted it to sit!
Happy 12th birthday Travis!
(You are growing up way to fast)

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