Thursday, January 14, 2010

3 tier because it needed to be.....

A friend asked me to make her a 3 tier cake for about 20 people... Like that is really possible! I tend to do nothing small!!
So it is a 12" an 8" and a 6".
The 6" is a Styrofoam square covered to add a better look. This way I could play and learn to make a fun bow from fondant to put on top!

The sad story is that I delivered this cake to her car and it never made it to the party fully intact. So sad, i never got to actually go help her when it was "broken" but I understand that she had two tiers at the party:( This is a first for me and it was quite sad. I work so hard for so long and in a minute this can happen! Oh well.... I just started on the ideas for the next one right away!

What else can one do?


Anonymous said...

Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!

Linzy Boulter said...

I am in love with your hobby.
All of your cakes are absolutely gorgeous. I need to hire you when I need cakes done. They are marvelous!

Thanks for sharing.

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