Wednesday, January 13, 2010

turkey day cake!

If you celebrate your BIRTHDAY on THANKSGIVING DAY, why not eat turkey!!!
I must say right at the beginning I found this cake (one very similar) on Flicker
Much of this was my own, in that I used the disney princess pan to bake my cake! I also made my feathers from gumpaste and the one that I found and got most ideas from used paper leaves! She did such a great job and I would love to give her the credit she deserves for this one!

I enjoyed, once again playing with my airgun and spraying to get the shades of color!
It is a blessing to be able to create cakes that make people smile! I love to smile, & to laugh! SO good for the soul!
This cake gives me a chance to say how thankful I am for all my blessings! Family, husband, children and grandchildren! Friends, employment, and one big blessing in my life is that I get to spend time creating cakes!!!
(One day I hope to have a bakery of my own!)
With this 'turkey' I sent a 1/4 sheet cake to make sure they had enough servings!
This cake is iced with whipped cream icing. I laid my leaf cutters on it and sprayed it with fall colors, then lifted the cutters off!

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