Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So, this was my final traveling cake!
No more by plane, train, or automobile!!
This was a fun cake for a young man that graduated high school.

The family came to pick it up and drove for days with it in the car
(dry ice used to keep it cool) but the graduation party never really
saw the cake as it was meant to be!

I sure hope someone got to eat some of this cake!

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maccrazed said...

h my goodness, the cake was SO loved! The grad thought he was in total HEAVEN and it was the BEST cake he had EVER had! He didn't care one bit about it not looking as perfect as it did at the start of our trip. Everyone who had a piece loved it, and we enjoyed pieces from it over the couple days after also. Wonderful wonderful job Shelley, we couldn't possibly thank you enough, it made his day!