Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baptism Day Cake

Well, this cake is a 2-tier, strawberry/white cake.

It is iced with buttercream, the filling was buttercream and crushed mothers animal cookies.
Then covered with white fondant.
pink borders and white decorations are buttercream. flowers and leaves are fondant.
NOW for the stupid part of this cake!
I made it and had it ready for the very special baptism of a very sweet little girl, for 10AM this morning Feb. 20th.
Got ready to go to the baptism and found that the baptism IS NEXT WEEK! Wow, what to do!!
My dear friend said I should title it
"the cake that had no party" Well, i took it to their home to enjoy for a week long celebration, instead of NO party, it was for a week long party!!
So, to all of you decorators....write the actual date and time on your calendar!!I have never done this before and WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!
For those of you wondering: The CTR emblem on the cake stands for Choose The Right, this is a shield the children use in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, Primary (Sunday School) helping them to learn to do the right thing always! I love it!!

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gemini said...

Beautiful creations. Wish I could do that...hahahah, am just a wiz at eating. Welcome to my blog.