Friday, October 30, 2009

Who Loves Camping

Camping is one of Kristi's favorite things to do as a family!
So what better to do for her.... A CAMP OUT!
So this cake is created out of MANY things!
Teddy Grahams peeking into the campsite from all sides... Big Evergreens are fat pretzel sticks upside down ice cream cones covered in buttercream, tiny pretzel sticks and candles make up the fire pit, the rocks are all Raisinets candy. Turn out the lights and light the fire pit! FUN!
I made a gumpaste tent and fondant members of her family (which I understand Jaron ate all of!) in their sleeping bags!
You must know that Kristi's last name is Wood!
So how could I not title this cake... "The Woods"??
Chocolate cake with Snickers filling

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