Friday, October 30, 2009

Friends are AWESOME!

My friends are so AWESOME! They call up and say..."I want a cake these colors, and this flavor.....create something"!! Then I get to "create"
I love the art of cake decorating! The problem is I can't create unless my home is in order! I must not have a thousand things on my mind! This is difficult!
Once I sit down the ideas start pouring out and I am grateful they give me free reign so very often!
This cake is for a friend at church who was surprising her daughter!
This is my first attempt at Tiger Lillies, so don't you dare look to close!
Thanks Deb!
6" & 8" ~~ Carrot cake w/ Fondant

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Cassandra Laine said...

Dang! This is GORGEOUS! I love the colors and the overall design! Great job again!