Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's A Girl!!! Cookie Platter

You know it seems that the office I work in can always find an excuse to eat!
One of the doctor's wives had a baby
I thought this might be a fun change! Sugar cookies with Buttercream icing and some decorated with sprinkles
This recipe is thanks to a lady I don't even know, her name is Ruth Buck.
I have this tiny recipe card that is in my moms handwriting, for some reason I have never transferred it to any other card, whenever I make these cookies I have to get out that card and use it! "TRADITION!"
This lady was a friend of my mom back when I was a baby!
Not telling you how long ago that would be!!
We have used it ever since!
**Side note**
My daughter and her husband have just found out that they are also having a girl!!
2 little granddaughters!
I am so blessed!


Stelene said...

Thank you for the cookies.. they were so cute & delicious :) You do such great work.

Cathy Leavitt said...

Yeah, little granddaughters are are little grandsons, but there is something special about little girls.