Sunday, March 20, 2011


This is my first attempt at gumpaste roses!  
Most of what I didn't do well was easy to hide as they were put on the cake, thank goodness!  I have lots to learn about the finer techniques. 
When is there ever time to practice??

This cake was for a 25th wedding anniversary.  
The wedding cake 25 years ago was white and light blue with red roses., so this is how I was asked to decorate this one.
We have vanilla cake, with buttercream, covered in fondant.
6" & 9" cakes
The roses are gumpaste with Luster Dust.
I also used a clothing steamer to put a shine on the roses.  I do like that effect!
Gumpaste roses are so very fragile!  Each petal has to be placed and left alone or it will break!  
Believe me I know!!

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