Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Family Party for Leilah's Special Day!

The following weekend Leilah celebrated her1st birthday  with her family!Her Uncle Daniel entered the MTC to serve his mission on Leilah's actual birthday and Papa Steve got called into work, but the rest of the family was there to celebrate with LEILAH! This cake was found online along with ideas that created the entire theme for Leilah's family "Milk & Cookies" birthday party!  To see the adorable birthday party Becca (Leilah's Mommy) took her ideas from!   Leilah loved the puffs that mommy hung from the light!  
This cake is a 3 layer (choc,white,choc) 10" filled and iced with choc ganache!
Leilah may not be to into sweets but her family loves  CHOCOLATE!

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Cassandra Laine said...

Adorable! I saw this post when you first put it up and can't believe I didn't comment!! Love that cake! And those decorations are incredible! Awesome job ladies!