Thursday, August 21, 2008

Basball Cake CO Rockies!

Happy 25th birthday Jacob!

We had our family together for our son's birthday. Jacob hasn't celebrated his birthday at home in 7 years!

Sweet Cassie made this trip home a fun surprise for him. We had an amazing week!

I will add photos from the week soon....
Here are a few ....

**Notes may be boring for non-cake bakers**

This cake was created in four parts:
First, THE GLOVE: two quarter sheet cakes (chocolate)stacked, the top layer was cut in half length wise and only one half placed on top of the bottom layer. The hole for the glove was scooped out cake. Then all was crumb iced and refrigerated. Then I covered the entire cake with fondant that I colored (glove orange?)
I then took my wonderful air gun and sprayed it with darker shades and laid the web of the glove over the top. I placed pieces of fondant to look like the glove was laced.
Second, THE BALL: this was a styrofoam ball that I covered with fondant and painted stitches with deep red food color, paste the ball was then CRAMMED in the spot where the cake was scooped away.
Third, THE CAP: this is a chocolate cake that I baked in a small bowl about the size of a cap and then it was covered with white fondant and sprayed Rockies purple. The CR was made out of gum paste and "glued" to the cap once it was on top of the glove. The brim of the cap was a piece of cardboard covered with black fondant.
Forth, THE PENNANT: made with gum paste and set to dry with tissue underneath parts to look as if it were waving. I hand painted the stripes and words on it.

I set the entire cake on a board and piped grass (buttercream icing) as my border.

This was for my son who is 25 and a CRAZY ROCKIES BASEBALL FAN!

He loved it and didn't want to cut into it!

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