Monday, June 29, 2009

Baseball Wedding Cake

Baseball Wedding??
(YES, and an amazing one at that!!)
What a beautiful wedding she had! They were married on home plate at the, minor league, Colorado Springs Sky Sox Stadium! This photo was taken in the club house where they had their very classy reception! I feel so lucky to get to peek in on wonderful ideas and settings for weddings!
This cake was created by using baseball bats cut to become pillars between the tiers. Cake sizes: 6, 10, and 14. White and Chocolate cake with buttercream and white fondant.
The fondant was designed to look like baseballs. I used edible markers and
"stitched the lines " a three tier baseball cake!
The flowers are gumpaste calla lillies dressed up with silk tiny flowers. I loved making these flowers! I used color dust to shine and give some realness to each flower.
Thanks Crystal for letting me be part of your day! What fun!!


The Perfect Bridesmaid said...

I featured this cake in a post on baseball themed bridal showers.

Patti from Texas said...

Your baseball cake is amazing. My daughter is a big Cubs fan and is looking for ideas for her wedding cake. I think we found it! :-)

min_wilson said...

how do you get it to standup? are the baseball bats screwed into the plates?

The Cake Lady said...

mindy, I cut the bats in two pieces, then super glued them where the pillars would have been.

thanks for looking, i did just finish a 2nd baseball cake that will be on my blog today!

Sabrina said...

I loved this cake and thought this would be the perfect cake for our wedding reception. Our reception hall would be willing to make a duplicate.. just one problem I need to know the ingredients (well I know about the bats) but food wise. Both myself and my fiance are huge baseball fans and this would be perfect. Can anyone help me? My name is Sabrina and my e-mail is Thank you.

Sabrina said...

This is the perfect cake for our wedding. When I saw it, I thought this is it. Our reception hall would be willing to duplicate this cake.. problem is.. I need to know all the ingredients. We are both big baseball fans and I would love for this cake to be there at our reception.. Can anyone giude or assist me? Thank you. Sabrina - e-mail address is

Powell Babe Ruth said...

this cake is Seriously Awesome!! original and very creative!
Do you mind if I link to this from my baseball cake? ( )

My husband wanted to get married at home plate. I think someday we'll renew our vows at a baseball park - this type of cake would be perfect!

Powell Babe Ruth said...

Wow - this cake is seriously awesome!! How creative and original! My husband wanted to get married at homeplate... so I think when we renew our vows someday we might do this same thing - similar cake at a baseball field.

Do you mind if I link to it on my baseball cake page (kids b-day version of a single ball) ( )

The Cake Lady said...

Thanks so much for your kind words!

This couple did get married right on the field! it was a fun one to do because we are big time baseball fans!
Yes, please feel free to add this to your blog! i am going to peek at yours!! Thanks again, Shelley

Aubrey said...

I love this cake!! My fiance and i are planning a baseball wedding and are modeling our cake after this one!! It is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness!! This cake would be perfect for my Fiance and and my wedding. It is just perfect. You are amazingly talented!

Aubrey said...

Did you use full size bats or a smaller mini version?


The Cake Lady said...

I am sorry it took me forever to get back to you! I am in process of getting my new site up and haven't been right on things here!
I used 18" souvenir bats
Thanks for looking!