Friday, March 13, 2009

Fairy Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

It's a Tinkerbell Birthday
For Sweet little Mya!
(click on photos to see detail and flaws)I must say that this was REALLY fun!
The key to a cake like this is TAKE YOUR TIME and START EARLY!
This cake is CHOCOLATE, with Buttercream Frosting. One little surprise was that The filling was an M&M and Cookies & Cream candy bar!! YUMMY!
Gum paste items include: Tink, Stars, and flowers. I think what makes this one so fun is the swirls in the night sky! The cakes starts at the bottom in the daylight with the green grass, flowers growing and blue sky, turning to night, stars and TINKERBELL!
MYA is 4! Happy Birthday Mya!
(Thanks for letting me come to your party!)

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Sierra said...

Very, very cute. I know Mya will like it. Great airbrushing.