Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Lollipop Cake

I think CRAZY is the name of this one!
Everything is edible! Fondant curled ribbon and lollipops w/ tiny jelly bellys.
This is a chocolate 10" and 6" cake with whipped cream icing!
Kamee is a fun girl so what better than a fun birthday cake??


Marie said...

Hi! I stumbled onto your bolgspot through google (i googled lollipop cake!). Anyway, that was interesting to me for a couple reasons... I just started my blogspot last week and the reason... to show off a few cakes I've recently made (my family too and to keep in touch with fam and friends but the cakes were the kicker)! It's a new thing for me that I would LOVE to make a hobby, but with 3 daughters, 5, 2 and 3mos, that may prove to be less than doable! Another reason I thought it was funny for me to find your blog was, and I hope I'm not crossing any lines here, that from your pictures I am assuming you are LDS and we are too! Anyway, it was funny enough to me to find your blog in the big wide world of the internet that I wanted to say hi! If you are interested you can look at my blogspot where I'll post my cakes. The first "specialty" cake I've ever made was for my daughters 5th bday just last may, so I'm still learning for sure!! And by the way, I LOVE the Green teir cake in your right column!! Love it! Anyway, thanks for the inspiriation to keep trying because apparently I really do enjoy decorating cakes! :)


Anonymous said...

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