Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gerbra Daisy Wedding Cake

Memorial day weekend May24, 2008
for Bekah & Beau
Sweet comment from the bride:

“……I also wanted to thank you for my AMAZING INCREDIBLE DELICIOUS cake!
WOW, I loved it. It was absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for being so willing to do it. You are very very talented. My only regret is that we had said it was ok to cut our top layer, and after we wished we had saved it because it was so yummy! oh well! I got lots of compliments on how cute it was, so thank you! I will definitely refer you to all my single girl friends, take care, Bekah"

Bekah was a cute bride, not really into choosing a cake, just wanting to make
it "nice". Then we got to talking, and before long she was thrilled to have
a beautiful wedding cake!

Cake details: square tiers, sizes:6, 8, 10, 14

6"~chocolate w/choc raspberry filling
8"~ white cake w/ whipped raspberry filling
10"~ chocolate cake w/ whipped raspberry filling
14" was a fake Styrofoam square
she also had a 1/4 sheet cake
white w/whipped raspberry filling

The entire cake was iced with Whipped cream icing...on a very warm day no less!!

Transportation was difficult, we only had a few blunders that were fixed well with flower placement!!

The cakes were stacked to look as though it were spiraling.

Decorated with Vibrant fresh Gerbera Daisies and ribbons.
I hope to get a photo of the bride & groom cutting the cake.
Side note** this reception was in the same lodge that I delivered the Lime green and black wedding cake!

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